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Home Selling Tips by Barrie Home Inspector When you have made the decision to Sell your Home you should start thinking about how to ensure you will get the best value for your property.  Mos t home owners become very complacent about the condition of their home and the Curb Appeal it will present potential buyers.  Even if you are not handy around the house the cost of hiring a “handy man” will be negligible compared to the added value to your home. The exterior of your home is very important and having Curb Appeal is paramount to having interested buyers.  If your shingles are curling and require replacing, do it before you list your home for sale.   Potential buyers will just deduct the cost of new shingles if they make an offer.  Try and present your home as well cared for by someone who has Pride in Ownership.  Nothing is worse looking than a Slapped On Coat of Paint on exterior windows which may or may not be an attempt to cover up damage.  A bit of paint and caulking can go a long way to making your home shine. Preparing the Interior   Disassociate Yourself With Your Home Learning how to let go is difficult. You’ve lived in this home for years, and it’s become part of you. However, you’ve got to make that break. Here are a few tips: Say to yourself, “This is not my home; it is a house — a product to be sold much […]

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All of our property condition assessments use the baseline property condition assessment process as outlined in the ASTM E-2018 standards.   The assessment includes physical deficiencies defined as “the presence of conspicuous defects or material deferred maintenance of a subject property’s material systems, components or equipment observed during the field observer’s walk-through survey. The stands “specifically excludes deficiencies that may be remedied with routine maintenance, miscellaneous minor repairs, normal operating maintenance, etc and excludes minimis conditions that generally do not present material physical deficiencies”.   NOTE: The ASTM standards state the following regarding deviations form the standard: “This guide also recognizes that there are varying levels of property condition assessment and due diligence that can be exercised that are both more and less comprehensive that this guide, and that may be appropriate to meet the objective of the user. Users should consider their requirements, the purpose that the PCA is to serve, and their risk tolerance level before selecting the consultant and the level of due diligence to be exercised by the consultant”. This provision allows you to specify deviations that meet your individual needs and building typ. These deviations would be mutually agreed upon and clearly stated in the engagement documents and final report. These deviation may reduce the scope of the assessment due to financial and/or time constraints or exceed the assessment standards and include dismantling and operation of readily accessible key systems like HVAC, maintenance suggestions, long term replacement schedules and cost to remedy defects with no […]