Our team has extensive experience, understanding, and training in the field of Industrial, Apartment Buildings, Plaza’s, Strip Malls and Mixed-Use Properties. We have the training and knowledge enabling us to find & identify the sources of water infiltration, defects in construction, and structural deficiencies.


We will evaluate the condition of the property and structure, and any systems affecting its use. Our report will clearly document the building’s physical condition and specify items that may require major repair or replacement.


The typical building inspection requires 4 to 8 hours to perform depending on the size of the structure and the number of inspectors used.

The Property Condition Assessment (PCA) report is made available within 1 business days after the inspection.


Our reports include digital images documenting the condition of the property as well as any recommended repairs or upgrades. The PCA can include a cost estimate to implement the recommendations in the report if part of inspection quotation.


We also provides Project Oversight Inspections for any major construction projects. Our team has years of experience in Construction Inspections and Contract Supervision. Our specialized training will ensure specifications and methods of quality control are met by sub-contractors or trade workers.

Our inspectors have a combined 40 years of Contract Inspection experience and qualifications includes a Certified Building Code Official and 20 year Contract Inspector veteran. As a Member of The National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors, we provide a vast knowledge in all aspects of the Commercial and Industrial Building assessment industry.


Our Team has inspected large plaza’s,  churches, daycares, industrial buildings, strip malls, large residential apartment buildings and multi-use buildings in the Toronto and Southern Ontario region.  We have travelled as far south as Windsor and as far North as Sudbury.   We have the expertise and knowledge to protect your investment properties by ensuring you are fully educated on any deficiencies, maintenance issues, faulty building systems  or structural deficiencies.

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