Thermal Imaging

Commercial Infrared Scans and Commercial Property Inspections by industry experts. Combining infrared thermal technology, along with our proven inspection techniques, allows us to provide our clients an accurate understanding of their future building’s defects. If you are purchasing  a commercial, multi-family, or industrial property and want to protect your investment, call  888-818-8608 for a Free Consultation. Thermal Imaging Simplified?  To keep it simple, Thermal Imaging is the viewing and recording actual surface temperatures, signatures, and anomalies observed at surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors, pipes, ducts, etc.  It is easier to think of Thermal Imaging as a thermometer with a TV screen attached. The surface temperature is translated into a visual image. Using a high resolution thermal imager (or camera), we can observe and interpret surface temperatures to help determine what is or may be occurring in areas we can’t readily view without destructive evaluations.  All objects emit energy in the form of heat.  Thermal imaging allows us to ‘see’ this energy and interpret our findings or the anomalies observed. Because everything has a surface temperature, infrared thermal imaging technology allows us to ‘see’ the temperature of those surfaces. The images seen are then interpreted and further investigated.  As human beings, we are limited to seeing light only in the visible light spectrumcalled white light. This is the light that bounces off everyday objects whether the light is being emitted by our sun or an artificial source such as a light bulb. The infrared spectrum is otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Without assistance from […]