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Commercial Infrared Scans and Commercial Property Inspections by industry experts. Combining infrared thermal technology, along with our proven inspection techniques, allows us to provide our clients an accurate understanding of their future building’s defects. If you are purchasing  a commercial, multi-family, or industrial property and want to protect your investment, call  888-818-8608 for a Free Consultation.

Thermal Imaging Simplified? 

To keep it simple, Thermal Imaging is the viewing and recording actual surface temperatures, signatures, and anomalies observed at surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors, pipes, ducts, etc.  It is easier to think of Thermal Imaging as a thermometer with a TV screen attached. The surface temperature is translated into a visual image. Using a high resolution thermal imager (or camera), we can observe and interpret surface temperatures to help determine what is or may be occurring in areas we can’t readily view without destructive evaluations.  All objects emit energy in the form of heat.  Thermal imaging allows us to ‘see’ this energy and interpret our findings or the anomalies observed.

Because everything has a surface temperature, infrared thermal imaging technology allows us to ‘see’ the temperature of those surfaces. The images seen are then interpreted and further investigated.  As human beings, we are limited to seeing light only in the visible light spectrumcalled white light. This is the light that bounces off everyday objects whether the light is being emitted by our sun or an artificial source such as a light bulb. The infrared spectrum is otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Without assistance from technology, we are unable to see the vital information provided by the infrared spectrum and surface temperatures. It is this ability to ‘see’ these surface temperatures that allows us to more accurately identify potential, and immediate, problems in your commercial or residential property that would have otherwise been missed.

Thermal Imaging has become the norm for Professional Inspectors.  The main advantages  being speed, non-destructive evaluations, and ultimate cost savings for our clients.  Infrared thermal inspections provide the same technology found in aerospace, military, and science technologies.   Infrared thermal imaging now has useful applications for commercial building inspections, electrical equipment surveys, moisture intrusion evaluations, building envelope and heat loss surveys, flat roof inspections, mechanical equipment and motor circuit evaluations, and much more. With infrared thermal imaging technology, we can literally see what our human eyes cannot.  An infrared inspection allows the inspector to interpret heat patterns and determine potential or impending equipment failures, water intrusion locations, and air infiltration both quickly and relatively inexpensively as compared to traditional destructive investigations.

Thermal Imaging and commercial property inspections? 

Thermal imaging can help identify numerous issues that can be prevalent in both commercial and residential properties. From roof and moisture scans, to electrical and insulation scans, these issues are very important to help you understand the overall condition. Traditional visual inspections can’t come close to seeing what we can see. Thermal imaging can even help contractors to identify troublesome leaks and display hidden systems like buried radiant heating systems and plumbing in walls.

As seen in our sample Thermal Imaging pictures Hidden moisture in ceiling is quickly detected with the extend of damage clearly defined.  Hot spots in Electrical Equipment is also clearly visible, preventing unforeseen equipment failures and plant shut downs. Roof inspections are greatly enhanced with Thermal Imaging scans.  Roof leaks are quickly detected even when water has not fully broken through the roof membrane or multi-layer covering.  This allows you have repairs made before water starts leaking and also alerts you to required roof repairs prior to purchasing building.

Thermal imaging services are a great tool for Net Lease clients who maybe paying for roof replacement but have no control over contractor.  We have inspected new roof installations and supplied detailed reports which enabled client to have roof brought up to industry standards at no cost to client.

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